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Workplace Wellness Plan Design – Legal Issues

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Employers that offer health benefits to their employees may decide to implement wellness … MORE


June Insight 2017

This Quarter’s Topic:

DOL Audit Survival Guide

U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) audits of health and welfare benefit plans are happening with greater frequency to … MORE


March Insight 2017

This Quarter’s Topic:

Training360 Overview: Compliance Training for Every Employee

Training360 is the most economical Learning Management System available today, delivering high quality, in-demand courses … MORE


Fall 2016 Spectra Insider

The Spectra Insider is our quarterly update of everything happening at Spectra Benefits and Spectra Retirement. Below is some of what can be found in … MORE


Compliance Direct – SPD Wrap Definition and FAQ

Who is ERISA and what is the Urgency?
Although most employers make sure they comply with ERISA’s plan documentation and disclosure requirements with respect to … MORE