Spectra Benefits is now a division of HUB International. If you are a client, your current policies and coverages will remain in force and are not impacted by this change.
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September 2016 INSIGHT Forum

Our quarterly Spectra Insight forum is designed to provide you with an insider’s look into current legislative and industry trends particularly relevant to business owners, … MORE


Employer Appeals of Exchange Subsidy Notices

Employers have started receiving notices from Health Insurance Marketplaces (or Exchanges) when their employees are eligible for Marketplace health insurance subsidies. Many employers are uncertain … MORE


Compliance Direct – Mr. Nice Guy

Well-meaning decisions can often turn into a liability for both you and your company without proper research and due diligence. Join our Chief Compliance Officer, … MORE


Employer Resource: Overtime Rule Guidebook

On May 18, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) released a new rule regarding overtime wage payment in the United States. This new rule … MORE


Future of Telehealth

Experts estimate that 80 percent of employers will be offering a telehealth benefit to their employees by 2018.… MORE


2016 Passport onboarding schedule

2016 Spectra Passport onboarding schedule.

Passport is Spectra Management’s exclusive onboarding process that helps develop skills to effectively manage employee benefits.… MORE