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Why it Pays to Save for Retirement

Low and moderate income workers who save for retirement are eligible to claim a tax credit that is worth up to $1,000 for individuals! … MORE



Telehealth is transforming the way patients and doctors interact! ¬†Click here to watch a short video on how it works. ¬†Then call your Spectra Management … MORE


What if you don’t have health insurance in 2014?

How are fees calculated?  Are you exempt from these fees?  Watch this short video and call us with your questions!… MORE


Market Month November 2013

Get the latest monthly update on the US Market.… MORE


Market Month October 2013

Get the latest monthly update on the US MarketMORE


UnitedHealthcare DocGPS

DocGPS lets UnitedHealthcare members locate the nearest in-network doctor,
clinic or hospital on their mobile device.  Watch this “how to” video now!… MORE