Defining Culture


At Spectra Management we believe that the culture of your company plays a direct role in the success of your business. That probably sounds different from what you hear from other employee benefits advisors. Good. We are different. We believe that a desirable company culture includes one that is built on specific values such as respect and support, knowledge and expertise, and recognition of achievements. Your employee benefits program is a reflection of your company culture. We want to help you define it, protect it, and most of all, help it evolve into one that supports your vision.


Dial ImageOriginally established in 1986, Spectra Management has provided local business with insurance and savings plans that make sense today and plans we feel will be beneficial in the future in being more innovating in the benefits market. Our goal is to provide an “Experience of Excellence”; helping clients and their employees become more secure in their knowledge about their benefits and future.

At Spectra Management our team of industry experts is actively involved and solution-oriented. We are client-centric; putting our client’s needs as the focus when developing our processes and services. We are driven to develop that delicate balance between your financial goals and your company culture.