Employee Benefits



To provide the experience Spectra Management strives to create for all our clients, we have created a timeline to make the process as seamless as possible. While much of our time and focus is involved in the months just prior to renewal, constant monitoring and service by your Spectra Management team is what we believe makes us stand out and helps you to succeed.



Effective communication can make the difference between benefits that are overlooked and ignored and benefits that are understood and valued. For that reason Spectra Management has created multiple ways to communicate employee benefits. This way we are able to make sure they have an experience of excellence that helps them feel more secure and knowledgeable about their benefits and future.


Benefits and Enrollment Guide
Spectra Management prepares a customized, comprehensive guide for each of your employees summarizing not only the details of your benefit package but also outlines eligibility information and required legal notices. Benefit information includes payroll deduction and rate information, web portal password and contact information to their dedicated relationship manager. These Guides are also available electronically so information is always just a click away.

Employee Web Portal
At www.spectrabenefits.com employees have access to all the forms, brochures, and benefits summaries for the options specific to your plan. This customized portal also has direct access to carrier specific research and online capabilities all in one aggregated site in addition to post client specific documents and messages such as Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) and Employee Handbooks.

Education/Enrollment Meetings
Every year as your benefit plans renew, we will educate your employees and reinforce the value of their benefit package and any resulting changes through group enrollment meetings. Additionally, throughout the year as new employees are added, we will conduct interim orientations to enroll new hires or provide assistance for existing participants.

“An employee came up to my office and said, ‘I need to get glasses. Why don’t we have vision coverage?’ and I said, ‘We do.’ You know, this is an employee that’s been with us five years.” – HR Professional