Spectra Pays It Forward


As a homegrown Utah company with our roots spread throughout the state, we at Spectra Benefits and Spectra Retirement feel a unique responsibility to nurture our community with sustainable initiatives. Through Spectra Pays It Forward—our charitable fund—we’re able to pass along assistance to individuals in the community with unmet financial needs.

Spectra Pays It Forward is an emergency assistance fund specially designed to alleviate the burden of unavoidable healthcare expenses. We understand that even those who stridently maintain their health can fall on hard times through no fault of their own.

During such tumultuous times, it becomes doubly important to take a step back and be grateful for what we have, and take special notice of the needs of others. Each quarter of the year we’d like to grant financial assistance to an individual in need. The recipient will be nominated publicly, then determined by an impartial committee. To nominate yourself or an individual in need, please fill out the online application here and follow the instructions.

This initiative is a partnership between Spectra and The Community Foundation of Utah, a not-for-profit that connects people, resources, and causes to create meaningful, lasting change for all of Utah. More information about The Community Foundation of Utah can be found on their website: www.utahcf.org.

Spectra Pays It Forward consists of an emergency assistance fund designed to help Utah residents who are experiencing economic hardship and are unable to afford medical expenses because of a life-threatening illness or injury beyond the individual’s control. To be eligible, applicants must 1) be Utah residents, 2) be employed full-time, and 3) have health insurance through their employer’s group plan.

Apply for an Emergency Assistance Fund Grant

We’re currently accepting applications for our 2017 grants! If interested, please fill out the online application here.